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I help freelancers and agencies build a digital marketing brand they feel proud of and a business they enjoy working in.

How much does a website cost?

This is always the first question asked, right? Well, it depends. The more important question is: what is the cost of what you are doing right now?


Slow loading pages

A page load of over 3 seconds increases your bounce rate by 32%


Confused Users

With an overwhelming wealth of options and inadequate call-to actions, website engagement and sales can take a hit.


website Errors

Error messages can cause lasting damage to your brand, alienating users and causing frustration.


Cluttered navigation

Poor website navigation can be a sales killer – leaving your visitors lost and clicks gone.


Low Engagement

A high bounce rate indicates users are not engaging with your content. Success in business depends on capturing leads and sales. If your audience is unengaged that is a serious financial loss.


Lost sales

You could be losing out on countless sales due to unsatisfactory website user experiences – are you missing potential opportunities? Maintaining a web presence is an investment and your website should be effective. It should be a sales machine.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

kind words

"Jenna has been fantastic to work with. She's very talented, creative, responsive, thoughtful, timely--all the things that I could have wanted in a WordPress developer.”


"Jenna did a fantastic job converting my WordPress site. I would absolutely work with her again."

Eric Clemens, ACROMENT TECH.

"Jenna is my go to freelancer when I have website issues. When Elementor on my site was not functioning properly, and my payment processing was down, I reached out for help.


Designer & developer focused on sustainable web design and improving user experience as well as achieving significant revenue growth for clients.