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Pricing Estimates

If you currently have an existing WordPress website that is not performing well, is outdated or very slow, we can help you to make it better.

Begin seeing a proper ROI when your website users can better understand and take action on your website.

Website Audit

$ 380
  • Reporting on each metric covered by My 12 strategies
  • Actionable Steps for making improvements

Website Optimization

$ 3900 Starting Price
  • Implemention of 9 Strategies
  • recommendations for Ongoing Hosting & Maintenance

Website SEO & Sustainability Upgrade

$ 8450 Starting Price
  • All 12 Strategies Implemented
  • Set Up For Ongoing Green Hosting
  • Heatmap data collected over the course of 2 weeks

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Helpful information

Some common questions about website conversion optimization and my services.

A slow website means lost opportunities and customers. If you’re not sure how much money your website is losing, book a time on my calendar to discuss your website. I’ll help you determine exactly how much each second of loading time is costing you in lost revenue.
A slow website can cost you more money than you think. If your page load is over 3 seconds, you could be losing 32% of your potential customers. Make sure you’re not missing out on sales by ensuring your website is fast and efficient. I offer a free consultation to discuss your website and how we can improve its speed. Click here to book a time on my calendar to chat.

Perform website audits on a regular basis to ensure that your website is loading quickly and accurately. Lighthouse, GT metrix, and Lucky Orange are great tools to use to monitor activity on your website. If you need help auditing your website or have questions about how to improve your website’s performance, book a time on my calendar to discuss your website. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you tips for improving your website’s speed and accuracy.

If you want to speed up your website without compromising content or design, consider using one of these plugins. Each one is designed to improve different aspects of performance so that your users have a better experience on your site. This can help with conversion rate and overall engagement with your brand. 

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